AFGRI Animal Feeds plays a vital role in the food chain converting raw materials into balanced feed for animal production to feed the nation. AFGRI Animal Feeds strives to be a leader in sustainable business through a comprehensive range of rations for poultry, dairy, beef, sheep, game and pet food.

AFGRI Animal Feeds’ mission is to be a world-class supplier of technologically advanced, safe animal feeds and value-added services, through skilled staff, contributing to improved customer performance.

AFGRI Animal Feeds is committed to the provision of superior manufacturing technologies, excellence and on-going innovation. We develop products to ensure animals are able to utilise the feed in a healthy and efficient way, improving feed efficiency, resulting in economical viable and a sustainable partnerships with our farmers.

The division is committed to provide technical expertise, advice and services to our customers in an effort to support their business needs.

Having a production capacity of approximately 1 million tons per annum, this operation is one of South Africa’s leading animal feed manufacturers.

Aside from operating six feed mills in strategic areas nationally, we operate a laboratory. Labworld is an animal feeds laboratory that utilises state of the art equipment accompanied by a high standard of analytical methodology to provide accurate results for all analyses performed on samples of animal feeds, both raw materials and on finished feeds. Animal feed samples are received by the laboratory and tested for concentrations of protein, moisture, minerals, fibre, fat, soya quality and amino acids to name a few, with results compiled into a detailed report.

AFGRI Animal Feeds is a world class supplier of advanced products and services. We are committed to provide outstanding technical expertise through skilled staff, world class products, sound advice and services to our customers in an effort to address their ever-increasing and changing needs, ensuring that AFGRI makes a positive contribution to food production and food security within Africa.

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Technology agreement with international partners ensures cutting edge feeding practices to the benefit of our customers.

Bypass Protein – AminoMax

AminoMax® Pro Is the plant-based bypass protein supplement that blends canola meal with soybean meal to provide an amino acid profile specifically for dairy cows. These bypass amino acids are university research proven to stimulate milk production and milk quality. The new, state-of-the-art, patented manufacturing process is designed to provide precise and consistent product quality that optimizes your herd’s milk components and milk production.

Amino Acid Bypass Supplement for Dairy Cattle

AminoMax Pro is designed to consistently meet your cows’ amino acid requirements and allow your nutritionist to reduce the amount of crude protein in the diet, maximizing use of forages and fermentable carbohydrates. University research has shown that when dairy rations are properly formulated with AminoMax Pro, herd economics can be improved and farm odors can be reduced due to lower levels of nitrogen in the urine, making your dairy farm more environmentally friendly.

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Labworld is an animal feeds laboratory that utilises state-of-the-art equipment accompanied by a high standard of analytical methodology to provide accurate results for all analyses performed on samples of animal feeds, both raw materials and on finished foods.

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JOCK Dog Food

JOCK Dog Food strives continually to advance your dogs’ health and wellbeing as well as to enrich their lives and lifestyles as they have enriched ours. It is for this reason that, since inception, we have not only worked tirelessly in the research and development of superior nutritional products, but moreover in growing our understanding of their unique needs and providing information and advice with all dog lovers.

JOCK Dog Food manufactures a full line of natural dog foods and each brand is prepared using wholesome ingredients that you’ll love feeding your precious dog. With a variety of formulations and flavours, our product range offers something ideal for every stage in your dog’s life.

JOCK Dog Food uses only natural ingredients, combined with essential vitamins and minerals, guaranteed to satisfy your cherished canine’s hunger while promoting a healthy digestive system.

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