GeoAgro makes use of information technology to assist with precision farming, changing the traditional approach to agriculture for the better.

GeoAgro offers farmers the opportunity to enhance their farming operation and drive it into the age of technology. Various products on offer provide farmers with the advantage of improving efficiency and hence profitability by managing the farm’s knowledge. More available information translates into the ability to make better decisions and ultimately save through calculated efficiencies.

AFGRI has a 50% shareholding in GeoAgro.

The different products offered involve managing the farm’s information in maps; remote management of crops via satellite; generating maps for seeding, fertilisation and yields; as well as recognising zones for productive potential in order to optimise management decisions.


The technology used in the different solutions include the following:

  • Farm 360 – a web-based GIS (geographic information system ) application that organises farm maps and crop information.
  • GeoAgri GIS – a GIS specifically developed for agriculture.
  • Mobile Apps – an app which allows farmers to take pictures, navigate, and collect data of a crop field and integrate this into the GIS dashboard.

The various maps used help to indicate; productivity, seeding and the application thereof and yield.

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