AFGRI Grain Management is a world leader in the handling and storage of grains and oil seeds. We offer secure storage of agricultural products in an infrastructure of grain silos, bunkers and bagging depots throughout South Africa, Congo-Brazzaville, Uganda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Zambia with a capacity of more than 5,0 million tons.

To enhance grain storage capacity across South Africa, the AFGRI Grain Silo Company, which is managed by AFGRI Grain Management, is a strategic grain storage platform vehicle in collaboration with a consortium of leading South African institutional investors.

The ability to procure grain through our vast network of procurement agencies make us a leader in our field. So too, we are able to carry stock on behalf of clients.
We offer structured trade opportunities to the market. Grain is sourced through AFGRI Grain Marketing and carried by the Raw Material Procurement business. We offer solutions to grain milling, animal feed mills and oil crushing businesses throughout Africa with competitive interest rates on commodities carried on behalf of clients.

Products and services include:

  • Guaranteed quality and quantity
  • Safe storage over prolonged periods
  • Comply to Agricultural Food Product Standards
  • Use of accurate equipment by qualified personnel
  • Bagging, cleaning and drying of grain
  • Effective protocol to store non-GMO grain separately
  • Stock management
  • Origination of agricultural commodities on behalf of third parties and end users
  • Fixed price contracts
  • Minimum / maximum price contracts
  • Deferred pricing contracts

Grain Management Silo Services

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Get the AFGRI Grain App

The AFGRI Grain App is the newest feature that forms part of the eAccounts platform. Through this app, clients can view their grain deliveries at all the silo’s in time (with a limited delay of up to 15 minutes). Clients can also receive a delay summary through a push notification.
You can download the app for Apple and Android phones at the links provided.

World-class technology in silo inventory management positions AFGRI Grain Management as an industry expert

AFGRI Grain Marketing

The AFGRI Grain Marketing department is a market leader in the procurement and sale of agricultural products and focuses on the origination of agricultural commodities on behalf of third parties and end users.

Innovative products are offered which, amongst others, include:

  • Fixed price contracts
  • Minimum / maximum price contracts
  • Deferred pricing contracts

These innovative marketing products aid producers in making the best possible pricing decisions at any given moment. It is our vision to build long-term strategic partnerships with producers and end users of grain by offering market-related prices to them on a daily basis as well as securing grain at the best locations and at the best basis price available.

AFGRI Grain Marketing prides itself in developing lasting customer and supplier relationships with service delivery as the foundation.
Procurement agents service the country at a national level, procuring agricultural commodities, which include white and yellow maize, soya beans, sunflower seed, barley, wheat and sorghum, from trustworthy grain producers across South Africa. Grains are procured on behalf of a diverse clientele which, amongst others, include white maize and wheat millers, the main participants in the animal feed industry, domestic and international dealers and oilseed crushers.
The Grain Marketing department has further distinguished itself by becoming a market leader in the South African grain industry through professional and knowledgeable procurement agents supported by an effective administration and silo storage system. Product innovation as well as sound and secure advice on market information adds another feature to the core business of AFGRI Grain Marketing.

Grain Silo Company

Established in April 2019, the AFGRI Grain Silo Company has the clear objective of expanding its current storage capacity of some five million tons to six million tons in the near future. This platform also allows for future expansion into the storage of other types of commodities beyond only grain. Alongside the Group and its current BEE employee partner, Izitsalo Employee Investments, three investment partners have participated, and these include STANLIB Infrastructure Investments, Wiphold, the Land Bank and Vulindlela Holdings.

AFGRI Grain Management will continue to be a JSE Approved Storage Operator for all the grain silos, while the grain silos will continue to be JSE Approved Silos and JSE registered delivery points.
AFGRI Grain Silo Company is focused on: (i) the creation and management of a strategic storage platform with a focus on expanding across Africa; (ii) partnering with reputable South African institutional investors; (iii) unlocking the value of grain storage assets, and (iv) entrenching AFGRI’s reputation as the foremost long-term services provider to farmers and the agricultural industry.

AFGRI Raw Material Procurement

AFGRI Raw Material Procurement offers structured trade opportunities to the market. Grain is sourced through AFGRI Grain Marketing and carried by the Raw Material Procurement business. It offers solutions to grain milling and crushing businesses throughout Africa with competitive interest rates on commodities carried on behalf of clients.

SA Winter Cereal Industry Trust Voluntary Levies

The agricultural industry in South Africa has had to maintain important functions from its own funds since the deregulation of the marketing boards. These functions enable our agricultural value chain, from producer to consumer, to compete globally, and to ensure food security.  The functions that are funded are among the cornerstones on which our free market is based. Organised agriculture had to intervene in the activities of the Winter  Cereal  Trust (WCT), with an alternative trust put in place following the National Agricultural Marketing Council’s decision not to recommend the industry’s application for continuation of the statutory levy. Important operational functions are financed with these funds, and therefore the industry quickly had to put an alternative system in place before the start of the new marketing season on 1 October 2020. The trust is known as the South African Winter Cereal Industry Trust (SAWCIT). Watch the video to find out more.

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Marco Pretorius – Financial Director & Projects

Jan De Sousa – General Manager: Operations

Gerhard Troskie – Manager Grain Marketing

Koos Lombard – Manager Stock

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12 Byls Bridge Boulevard | Highveld Ext 73 | Centurion | 0157

Silo and bunker Locations

See the map below to find your nearest grain storage facility.

      Afrikaskop Silo Berry Estate-Afrikaskop Silo KESTELL 082 412 3453
      Amersfoort Silo Deel 17 & 18 Van Plot 57 AMERSFOORT 083 387 4043
      Argent Silo Boschpoort, Argent DELMAS 083 387 3523
      Arnot Silo Springboklaagte MIDDELBURG 083 387 4046
      Bakenlaagte Bunker Farm Bakenlaagte KRIEL 083 414 5209
      Balfour Silo 86 West Street BALFOUR 083 450 5862
      Battery Silo Vlakplaas Plot 169 Tarlton 071 563 3480
      Bergville silo Voortrekker Road 45 BERGVILLE 083 266 3615
      Bethal Silo 1 Mill Street BETHAL 083 414 5205
      Beestekraal Silo R511, Beestekraal BRITS 082 412 3453
      Bloedrivier Silo Roodekopje Farm BLOODRIVIER 083 266 3589
      Bloekomspruit Silo Farm Rietspruit HEIDELBERG 083 387 4063
      Brakfontein Bunker Farm Brakfontein TRICHARDT 082 554 1052
      Brits Silo Tom Straat 81 Brits 071 540 7697
      Bronkhorstspruit Silo Farm Hondsrivier BRONKHORSTSPRUIT 083 387 4058
      Carolina Silo Asbes Straat, Industriele Area CAROLINA 083 414 5204
      Chelmsford Dam Bunker Normandien pad (R621) Chelmsford Dam 072 906 2405
      Dannhauser Silo New castle road on Klipkuil Farm DANNHAUSER 082 554 0962
      Davel Silo Smith Street, Davelfontein DAVEL 083 387 4022
      Delmas Bunker Plaas Leeufontein Delmas Langs R50 Bapsfontein Pad 072 919 0069
      Devon Silo 389 Skuurman Street DEVON 083 387 3367
      Driefontein Silo AFGRI Driefontein HENDRINA 083 450 5860
      Dryden Silo Plaas Weltevreden DELMAS 083 387 3709
      Dundee silo 13 Newton Road DUNDEE 083 266 3594
      Eensgezindt Bunker Farm Eensgezind, Klipheuwel DURBANVILLE 083 450 5865
      Eeram Silo Eeram HARRISMITH 083 266 3597
      Eloff Silo Kruger Street ELOFF 083 450 5839
      Endicott Silo Stasie Road SPRINGS 083 387 4016
      Ermelo Silo 08 Industria Avenue ERMELO 083 387 4051
      Estancia Silo Volgensfontein BREYTEN 083 446 9269
      Glenroy Silo Rietvallei 172 Ir, R550 Nigel – Klipriver Road HEIDELBERG 083 450 5807
      Goeiehoek Silo Gedeelte 40 Van Boschkop VEREENIGING 083 387 3705
      Greylingstad Silo 612 Willow Street GREYLINGSTAD 083 387 4049
      Grootvlei Silo Ged 103 Van Grootvlei Ged 82 453Ir GROOTVLEI 083 387 3987
      Harrismith Silo 5 Bonnet Street HARRISMITH 083 387 3635
      Harvard Silo De Kuilen STANDERTON 083 414 5207
      Hawerklip Silo Hawerklip DELMAS 082 554 0915
      Holmdene Silo Holmdene STANDERTON 083 462 6007
      Kaalfontein Silo Old Pretoria Road, Kaalfontein KEMPTON PARK 083 446 8519
      Kaallaagte Silo Farm Osplaat KAALLAAGTE 083 446 8540
      Kendal Silo Plaas Heuwelfontein, Kendal OGIES 083 450 5806
      Kinross Bunker Farm Zondagsfontein KINROSS 083 387 4032
      Kinross Silo Farm Winkelhaak KINROSS 08 387 4032
      Klipfontein Bunker N7 Road, 17km past Malmesbury MALMESBURY 083 450 5837
      Kliprivier Bunker Kliprivier Industrial Area MEYERTON 083 576 7378
      Kortlaagte Bunker R580 TBC 072 887 9665
      Kransfontein Silo Kransfontein BETHLEHEM 083 414 5216
      Leeuspruit Silo Ged 12 Van Leeuspruit 606Ir GROOTVLEI 083 414 5213
      Leslie Silo Stasie Street LESLIE 017 683 0052
      Libertas Silo Libertas Silo SENEKAL 058 481 2709
      Lothair Silo Ermelo Road 1 LOTHAIR 083 414 5210
      Lydenburg Silo Kooperasie Street 1 LYDENBURG 083 450 5838
      Maizefield Silo Hendrikspan MORGENZON 083 387 3475
      Malansdam Bunker R311, tussen Moorreesburg & Riebeeckwest MOORREESBURG 072 269 0050
      Marble Hall Silo Koöperasie Street MARBLE HALL 083 387 4003
      Marquard Silo Industrial Area MARQURAD 082 412 3410
      Meets Silo Meets BETHLEHEM 082 412 3466
      Meyerton Bunker Meyerton Industrial Area MEYERTON 083 387 4056
      Middelburg Silo 1 Morkel Street MIDDELBURG 0183 387 4025
      Mizpah silo Mizpah Farm GREYTOWN 072 610 2499
      Monte Video Silo Monte Video SENEKAL 083 387 4027
      Morgenzon Silo Dwars Street MORGENZON 083 446 8429
      Nigel Silo 1st Avenue NIGEL 083 387 4019
      Northam Silo Wildebeeslagte gedeelte 5( Thabazimbi road) Northam 071 587 2408
      Ogies Bunker Ou Balmoral Road OGIES 083 387 3609
      Ogies Silo Ou Balmoral Road OGIES 083 387 3609
      Overvaal Silo Buhrmans Tafelkop, Overvaal ERMELO 083 387 4021
      Palmietfontein Bunker Farm Palmietfontein BALFOUR 082 554 1033
      Pan Silo Ged 11 Van Hartoghshoop 410Js MIDDELBURG 082 769 4214
      Paulpietersburg Silo 7 Geelhout Road PAULPIETERSBURG 083 266 3612
      Pietermaritzburg Silo 186 Ohrtmann Road, Willowton PIETERMARITZBURG 083 446 8458
      Platrand Silo Ged 38 Van Vlakspruit 42Hs PLATRAND 083 387 4030
      Pretoria-Wes Silo 145 Carl street Pretoria- West 071 561 2385
      Sandspruit Bunker Sandspruit Distrik Volksrust Volksrust 076 208 2855
      Senekal Silo Cnr 2nd Street and Johan Du Plessis Street SENEKAL 083 387 4035
      Slabberts Silo Slabberts AFGRI Grain Silo SLABBERTS 083 387 4036
      Standerton Silo Balfour Johannesburg Rd R23 STANDERTON 083 387 3605
      Stoffberg Silo Gedeelte 63, Blinkwater 213 STOFFBERG 083 387 4029
      Trichardt Silo Carolus Street TRICHARDT 083 387 3960
      Vaaldrif Bunker Gladedrif Pad Vaaldrif 072 906 1338
      Val Silo Joubert St 86 VAL 083 387 4054
      Vlakfontein Bunker Farm Vlakfontein KRIEL 083 579 2170
      Vogelvallei Bunker Unknown STANDERTON 083 387 4042
      Vryheid silo 5 Industria Street VRYHEID 083 266 3592
      Winterton Bunker R74 Road next to Agri Oil Mills (NCG Farms) WINTERTON 083 275 6478
      Winterton silo 8 Landsend Road WINTERTON 083 266 3596
      Wonderfontein Silo Ged 30 Van Wonderfontein 428Js MIDDELBURG 083 387 4057

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