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Hinterland is an agricultural retail company built on traditional values and driven by innovative solutions. Established in 2013 with its head office in Klerksdorp, Hinterland represents the coming together of two of South Africa’s agriculture giants; AFGRI and Senwes.

Agricultural inputs

In all expansion and optimisation initiatives Hinterland core focus is the farmer and his/her requirements. We acknowledge our responsibility to also serve the community that relates to agriculture and/or resides in the less urbanised areas of our footprint. Our slogan, “Rediscover what matters”, underlines that we strive to assist farmers in making better decisions on the critical components of their business, to optimise the farming operation and sustainable profitability.


Aside from offering most farming requisites and items that are also used by handymen, smallholder farmers, animal and pet caretakers, gardeners, outdoor lovers and campers, hunting enthusiasts, we also operate a fuel filling station at almost all of the 59 branches.

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Gathering and analysing data through systems that enlightens our customers when transacting with us is an on-going exercise and a special team which focuses on continuous improvement, is well-established. We engage with farmers, who operate in a fast-changing environment constantly influenced to a huge extent by external factors, to understand their requirements and to provide information that will assist them in making better farming decisions.

Operational footprint

With more than 1400 operational employees, 59 branches, 57 filling stations, 20 relationship managers/marketers and a support compliment of more than 60 employees at the head office in Klerksdorp, Hinterland is a relevant role player in the agriculture and rural areas of central South Africa.
The operational structure is setup in such a way as to interact with as many farmers as possible on a daily basis, whether it be visits to the farm, organised farmer day events or transacting with the farmer at one of our outlets, or through an online experience.


Across the network we have an extensive range of products to choose from in categories such as:

  • Agricultural inputs
  • Animal feeds
  • Veterinary products
  • DIY products
  • Hardware products
  • Leisure products
  • John Deere clothing
  • Home and garden accessories

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