eAccounts provides a platform for electronic transactions between accounts, viewing of grain storage status and much more.

New Customers

For new customers that would like to take advantage of all the benefits of AFGRI eAccounts please follow this link for more information on how to register.
We will get you up and running in a few simple and easy steps.

Existing Customers

For all our existing AFGRI eAccounts customers, we have been hard at work to add very useful functionality to AFGRI eAccounts Please follow the link to see all the new features and functionalities available on AFGRI eAccounts.

In this age of technology, where most vital financial transactions are done through the touch of a button rather than in the presence of a teller or the bank manager, it is essential for financial services companies to offer top-notch electronic platforms from which clients can transact. eAccounts does just this.
eAccounts is a groundbreaking electronic account management solution offered to customers by AFGRI, through UNIGRO, to customers. Ease of access allows for the ability to transfer between accounts and pay recipients – all in a secure online environment.

Customers can, from a handling and storage perspective, view and receive invoices and statements, as well as draw detailed reports and information of their respective grain delivered for storage at any of AFGRI Grain Management’s 85 locations across the country. An ability exists to calculate storage rates according to grade and grain type.
Customers are further able to access and monitor their procurement contracts, which contain detailed information as well as movement reports. A remittance advice is available in PDF format. Another feature enables farmers to record rainfall on their lands. This platform now also includes an insurance and claims functionality.
Another feature enables farmers to view rainfall on their lands via a heatmap, record rainfall via colour coded rain meters and monitor 3 years of monthly rainfall.

Further eAccounts functions:

  • Grain and Rainfall App features
  • Seamless account access via the internet
  • Detailed analysis of account balances
  • Easy transfer between UNIGRO accounts
  • Make 3rd party payments
  • Load and maintain beneficiaries
  • View and receive statement from Grain Handling and Storage
  • Draw detailed report and information on grain delivered for storage at any of our 85 silo locations
  • Calculate storage rates according to grade and grain type
  • Access and monitor your procurement contract
  • Remittance advice is available in a PDF format
  • Handling and Storage
    » Invoices
    » Statements
    » Calculations
    » Reports and detail info
  • Procurement Contracts
    » Movement reports and detail info
    » Remittance Advice PDFs
  • Authorisation of profile rights
    » Online self-registration
    » Superuser register users
    » Superuser manage profile rights

The eAccounts solution is:

  • Secure
  • Instant
  • Convenient
  • Easy to use
  • Accessible anywhere and on any device

The platform also includes an insurance and claims functionality and a Hinterland promotional display.
With My Farm, users can:

  • Assign a colour to a commodity
  • View silo and bunker locations, as well as directions on the map.

The future of farming
in the palm of your hand

Download Our Mobile Apps

AFGRI Grain App

The AFGRI Grain App forms part of the eAccounts platform. Through this app, clients can view their grain deliveries at all the silo’s in time (with a potential limited delay of up to 15 minutes).
You can download the app for Apple and Android phones at the links provided.

AFGRI Rain App

The AFGRI Rainfall App is here!
The AFGRI Rainfall App is the newest feature that forms part of the greater eAccounts platform. You can now download the app on a smartphone via the Google Play Store or Apple iStore. This app offers a great deal of benefit to customers, firstly one is able to capture your daily rainfall instantly wherever you are with a few easy steps and secondly it provides detail on the rainfall you have received to date. eAccounts customers can also view their area rainfall information as well as other comparatives on the eAccounts website.
You can download the app for Apple and Android phones at the links provided.


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