Drought Aid – AFGRI shows true meaning of slogan “Together we make it possible”

AFGRI, the leading agricultural services and processing company is stepping up to assist livestock farmers feeling the brunt of the drought conditions. Two AFGRI Animal Feeds products, Production Lick 25 and Herbitech are being made available to customers at discounted prices.

“This is in an effort to support our livestock farming customers, as we know the challenges they currently face,” said Chris Venter, Chief Executive Officer of AFGRI.

The feed is suitable for cattle and sheep on low quality grazing as a supplement and will improve weight gain in young animals. It provides optimal quantities of quality natural protein, minerals, trace minerals and energy for economic utilisation of low quality roughages. The feed further more maintains body condition and supports reproduction on low quality grazing.

AFGRI Animal Feeds is known for the highest standards of technology and science which are used to produce quality food.

“We know only too well, the pressure that a drought places on the farming community. Although we are unable to solve the current situation, we can play a part, in alleviating some of the pressure by providing support as best we can,” said Venter.

In addition AFGRI, through its’ Financial Services subsidiary Unigro, has assisted a number of farmers unable to repay annual facilities through the provision of carry-over finance. This alleviates, to some extent, the cashflow pressure which the farmers currently face.

“In times such as these we need to be able to empathise with our customers and ensure that we are a support to them,” concluded Venter.