In the 2013/2014 season Lemang Agricultural Services met this farmer in Metsweding for the first time. Only 68 ha had been planted using a planter that was incorrectly calibrated, thus creating large, inefficient gaps amongst the maize plants. This led to an infestation of weeds. The AFGRI training and development programme that Farmer A signed up for included farmer study groups, in-class training, basic computer training, and on-farm assistance by agronomists.

This, combined with mentorship, also ensured that the farmer’s confidence in his skills and abilities was engrained. Finance provided by AFGRI ensured that he could purchase an additional 22 ha of land, bringing the total to 100 ha. Weed management was also under control, with an excellent crop on the land. Full repayment of the production loan has been made, and the next step is to plant 120 ha. This is made possible through the confidence to lease additional land, as well as having a true partner where farming matters can be discussed, and the best course of action implemented.