Jake says thanks to the fans!

Dear #BullsFamily24,

To start with, you would notice that I have addressed this letter to ‘#BullsFamily24’. We’ve been saying it for many years now, as a supporter of the Vodacom Bulls you are part of OUR FAMILY… a family 2,4 million strong.

You would have also noticed the number ‘24’ on all of our marketing, communication, and around the stadium over the last few months. The explanation of ‘24’ becomes a lot easier now, with our short-term goals being achieved. ‘24’ was a dream… a vision… a target… a goal. We used the number as an image and a symbol to work towards, one that inspired every single member of the team, management, and staff.

The significance of 24 means different things to different people, but the main ones are aligned:

  • We worked towards and achieved our 24th Carling Currie Cup title.
  • When broken up the ‘4’ was the goal for the amount of Vodacom Super Rugby titles.
  • While the ‘2’ was significant of the number of senior titles for the season (Carling Currie Cup and Vodacom Super Rugby).
  • The ‘4’ was also relevant to the number of overall titles at senior and junior levels (U19, U21, Carling Currie Cup, and Vodacom Super Rugby).
  • It was also a tribute to player number 24, that was the guy that just didn’t make it into the match 23… his attitude and how he approached the week was essential to the spirit in the team.
  • Most of all… the Vodacom Bulls have always played with an extra player (figuratively), let’s call it our player 24… and that was you, the fan that never stopped believing in us even through the toughest of times… all 2,4 million of you.

On behalf of everybody at Loftus, I want to sincerely and humbly express our gratitude for your unwavering support. Thank you for investing your time and energy into us… thank you for showing patience and belief, and most importantly thank you for sharing in the ups and downs of this journey.

The 2020/21 season will go down in our history as the strangest season ever but will be noted as a successful one. That chapter is over, and we must now move forward onto the next one. We look forward to our new journey heading into Pro Rugby and sharing these moments with you.


Jake White