UNIGRO and GroCapital suspend eAccounts fees during lockdown

Dear valued client,

31 March is UNIGRO and GroCapital Financial Services year-end and is usually the time of year when we communicate our fee increases to you. However, this year is anything but usual, and has called on us to make an unusual decision.

UNIGRO and GroCapital Financial Services is pleased to announce that it will suspend eAccounts fees for April 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown and delay its other fee increases until lockdown is over and things return to normality. We understand the severity of the lockdown and the task that lies ahead for farmers and food producers to continue to produce food for South Africa. We hope that this small gesture will alleviate some of your financial pressure. This zero eAccount fee could be extended should the lockdown endure for longer than 21 days, but you will be kept informed of developments.

For those customers not yet using the eAccounts system who would like to join, the same suspended fee structure applies.

We care about our customers and trust that you have all the necessary structures in place to look after yourself, your loved ones and those working in your business to ensure the critical functioning of food availability in South Africa.

Thank you for your support and for embracing food production in South Africa. We hope your free use of our eAccounts platform during this time will make your financial administration just a little bit easier.


Please be safe during this time


Kind regards


Ross Simmonds

MD, UNIGRO Financial Services