AFGRI Grain Management Kennisgewing: AFGRI Grain Management-2020/2021 Graandienste tariewe en Bedryfsreëlings

AFGRI Grain Management-2020/2021 Graandienste tariewe en Bedryfsreëlings vir die volgende provinsies:

• Vrystaat

• Mpumalanga en Gauteng

• Limpopo

• Noordwes

• Natal


Geagte Belanghebbende


Vertrou dat dit goed gaan met u en dat u en u gesin gesond en veilig is.


Met hierdie skrywe gee AFGRI Grain Management amptelik kennis van:


1. Tariefstrukture:

a) Graanhantering;

b) Graanopberging;

c) Graandienste; en


2. Bedryfsreëlings:

Vir Somergraan-2020/2021 bemarkingseisoen:

• Sonneblom/Sojabone: 1 Maart 2020 tot 28 Februarie 2021

• Mielies/Sorghum: 1 Mei 2020 tot 30 April 2021


Ons herinner u ook daaraan dat die “Standaard hantering en opbergingsvoorwaardes” van toepassing is op alle graan wat by AFGRI-graanfasiliteite ontvang en opgeberg word en vorm saam met hierdie skrywe die geheel ooreenkoms. Hierdie voorwaardes is elektronies op die AFGRI-webblad beskikbaar en by u naaste Silobestuurder asook by AFGRI-hoofkantoor te Centurion (011-0632311 Marlene Momberg).


COVID-19 het oornag die wêreld en ons lewenswyse verander. In hierdie onsekere tye is dit belangrik om aan te hou om dienste aan ons kliënte te lewer. Ons volg die aanbevelings van die Wêreld Gesondheids Organisasie (WGO), omdat ons daarna streef om ons kliënte en ons personeel te beskerm.


AFGRI Grain Management wil u verseker van ons volgehoue goeie dienslewering en is ons enige tyd beskikbaar om na voorstelle te luister om diensvlakke te verbeter. Skakel gerus u naaste Silobestuurder.


Dit is vir ons belangrik dat u die beste diens by AFGRI-graanfasiliteite sal ervaar en word u ‘n voorspoedige oestyd toegewens.


Vir enige verder navrae verwys ons u na en of kontak u naaste Silobestuurder.


Vriendelike groete


Jerry Maritz

Besturende Direkteur: AFGRI Grain Management

AFGRI Grain Management Notice: AFGRI Grain Management 2020/2021 Grain Services rates and Operating arrangements

AFGRI Grain Management 2020/2021 Grain Services rates and Operating arrangements for the following provinces:

• Free State

• Mpumalanga and Gauteng

• Limpopo

• North West

• Natal


Dear Stakeholder


Trust that you are well, and that you and the family are healthy and safe.


As of this writing, AFGRI Grain Management officially announces:


1. Tariff structures:

a) Grain handling;

b) Grain storage; and

c) Grain services


2. Operating arrangements:

For Summer Grain 2020/2021 marketing season:

• Sunflower / Soybeans: 1 March 2020 to 28 February 2021

• Maize / Sorghum: 1 May 2020 to 30 April 2021


We also remind you that the “Standard handling and storage conditions” apply to all grain received and stored at AFGRI grain facilities and together with this letter form the entire agreement. These conditions are available electronically on the AFGRI website and at your nearest Silo Manager as well as at the AFGRI head office in Centurion (011-0632311 Marlene Momberg).


COVID-19 has changed the world and our way of life overnight. And in these uncertain times, it’s even more important to continue to provide services for our customers. We are following recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) as we strive to help protect our customers and our team members.


AFGRI Grain Management wants to assure you of our continued good service delivery and we are available at any time to listen to suggestions to improve service levels. Please contact your nearest Silo Manager.


It is important to us that you will experience the best service at AFGRI grain facilities and we wish you a prosperous harvest time.


For any further inquiries please visit or contact your nearest Silo Manager directly.


Yours sincerely


Jerry Maritz

Managing Director: AFGRI Grain Management

#BullsFamily bids farewell to CEO

It is with regret that the Blue Bulls Company announces that its Chief Executive Officer Alfons Meyer will be leaving the company at the end of May 2020. Blue Bulls Board Chairman Pieter Uys said: “We would like to thank Alfons for his great contribution to the company. Over the past year he has been instrumental in the restructure of the Blue Bulls Company, and has laid a strong foundation on which the company can build and become the world class team again that it once was. We respect Alfons’ decision to step down and wish him well in his future endeavours.”

Alfons Meyer said “ I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Bulls, it has been the highlight of my professional career. 2019 was an exceptional year to be part of the Vodacom Bulls Super Rugby campaign , and to play a major role in the equity transaction which saw Mr. Patrice Motsepe become part of the #BullsFamily as an investor was a privilege. I wish the staff and players all the best, especially during these extraordinary times – I will remain a loyal supporter forever!”

What the Land Bank’s potential event of default means for UNIGRO Financial Services

UNIGRO Financial Services (“UNIGRO’’) received and took note of the Land Bank’s (“the Bank’’) SENS announcement on 20 April 2020. UNIGRO and the Bank have a significant partnership in place through a Service Level Agreement, which has endured since 2011. Having held several meetings and having been in communication with the Bank in the weeks prior to this, as well as more recently, we would like to assure our clients that the Bank and UNIGRO are doing all we can to ensure farmers’ needs are addressed at this time. We also commit to keeping you informed of any new developments regarding this issue.

The background
On 21 January 2020 Moody’s Investor Service (“Moody’s”) announced the downgrade of the Bank’s issuer rating from Baa3 to Ba1, and its long-term national scale issuer rating (NSR) from Aa1 to Aa3. Following Moody’s downgrade of South Africa’s sovereign credit rating on 27 March 2020, another downward rating adjustment was made to all state-owned entities. This meant that the Bank’s issuer rating was downgraded again from Ba1 to Ba2.

What caused the Land Bank to declare a potential event of default?
The above events had a significant impact on the liquidity position (cash flow) of the Bank, with the following developments being noted by the Bank as having exacerbated the situation:

  • some of the Bank’s lenders withdrew their facilities with the Bank, while other investors reduced the roll-over of maturing facilities in order to operate within their investment policies that have restrictions on the level of investments made to organisations with the Bank’s current credit rating;
  • most of the Bank’s funders and investors began a review process to establish their risk appetite position in relation to the Bank’s ability to service its funding facilities; and
  • all of these events took place at a time when the Bank was in its peak period of loan drawdowns by its customers (as farmers prepared for both the summer and winter planting periods).

As a result, the Bank experienced a liquidity shortfall, which means it is not able to meet immediate obligations to settle a repayment under the terms of a revolving credit facility with one of its lenders.

What is the Bank doing to resolve the issue?
The non-payment constitutes a default that the Bank needs to remedy – it is currently in consultation with the lender concerned to negotiate a waiver and an extension of the repayment date.

What does this mean for UNIGRO?

  1. The SENS issued by the Bank ‘advises note holders holding listed notes issued under Land Bank’s JSE-listed (i) ZAR 20 Billion DMTN Programme dated 18 October 2010 (the “2010 Programme”) and its (ii) ZAR 30 Billion DMTN Programme dated 13 March 2017 that a potential Event of Default has occurred under the terms of both the 2010 Programme and the 2017 Programme.’ UNIGRO does not hold any notes in these programmes and so is not exposed to the risk of default under the note programmes.
  2. Will the potential default affect UNIGRO and most importantly the farmers who have Land Bank loans through UNIGRO? The Bank uses the note programmes to fund its balance sheet. While the potential default could impact the Bank’s ability to maintain or raise funding, we are confident that through our joint efforts that UNIGRO and the Bank can support current farmer commitments.
  3. UNIGRO and the AFGRI Group have enjoyed a long relationship with Land Bank. What is the status of this relationship now? The relationship remains positive and we are working with the Bank to ensure our farmers are serviced effectively.
  4. What is the current total size of the book that UNIGRO manages on behalf of the Bank? UNIGRO currently manages R15 billion of the farmer debtor book on behalf of the Bank. For now, we are able to and will continue to service this book.
  5. What will happen in the longer term? The potential default could prevent the Bank from raising funding. This could negatively impact on UNIGRO’s ability to provide liquidity to farmers through their loan agreements. This could mean that farmers funded by UNIGRO might not be able to procure their inputs to plant for the next season, which could in turn potentially affect food security in South Africa. However, again we stress that the Bank and UNIGRO are working together to ensure that this does not happen. As part of AFGRI Agri Services, one of South Africa’s leading agribusinesses, we are backed by a more than 90-year heritage in grain and agriculture. We are committed to the continued success of our farmers and to the agricultural sector, now and into the future.


Dear AFGRI Customer,


We trust it is going well and that you are safe!!!


In times of uncertainty, character is tested. Business conditions changed dramatically since 26 March at 23:59 and AFGRI Grain Management strives to live up to its values in these “unusual” circumstances.


Thank you for the openness through which you communicated directly to us as well as to GrainSA. It has come to our attention that uncertainty exists among soybean producers about the handling of the soybean moisture-base and handling loss for the 2020 delivery season at AFGRI Grain Management delivery points.


Our relationship with you, the customers, is important and we do not want to enter the delivery season with uncertainty. It is hereby confirmed that the handling of soybean moisture-base and handling loss will be dealt with on the same basis in the 2020 delivery season at AFGRI Grain Management delivery points in line with the previous season. The necessary corrections will be made where applicable.


For any further inquiries please visit or contact your nearest Silo Manager directly.


Jerry Maritz

Managing Director: AFGRI Grain Management


Geagte AFGRI Kliënt,


Vertrou dit gaan goed en dat u veilig is!


In tye van onsekerheid word karakter beproef. Sedert 26 Maart om 23:59 het besigheidsomstandighede ingrypend verander. AFGRI Grain Management steef daarna om in die “unusual” omstandighede steeds sy waardes uit te leef.


Baie dankie vir produsente se openlikheid wat direk met ons gekommunikeer het en ook deur GraanSA. Dit het onder ons aandag gekom dat daar onsekerheid by sojaboon produsente bestaan oor die hantering van sojaboon vog basis en hanteringsverlies met lewering vir die 2020 leweringseisoen by AFGRI leweringspunte.


Ons verhouding met klante is belangrik en wil ons nie die lewerings seisoen met onsekerhede afskop nie. Hiermee word bevestig dat die hantering van sojaboon vog basis en hanteringsverlies op dieselfde basis hanteer gaan word in die 2020 leweringseisoen by AFGRI leweringspunte as op die vorige seisoen. Die nodige regstellings sal gemaak word waar van toepassing.


Vir enige verder navrae verwys ons u na en of kontak u naaste Silobestuurder.


Jerry Maritz

Besturende Direkteur: AFGRI Grain Management

Vodacom Bulls Facebook Live Concert

This weekend, Saturday 17h15 to be exact, would have been the epic ‘TRANS-JUKSKEI’ derby, with the Vodacom Bulls hosting the Emirates Lions at Loftus Versfeld…

Well, that’s still not happening (not to rub salt in the wound ????).

Our buddy Dylan Pretorius, runner-up in the VOICE South Africa season 2 and just an overall lekker guy, would have been performing in the Beer Garden before kickoff.

So, it got us thinking… Why stop the entertainment, even in the absence of rugby? ????

Dylan has agreed to doing a live performance on the Vodacom Bulls Facebook page on Saturday starting at 17h15. It’s the first time any local rugby team will be hosting a Facebook Live concert, so we are super-excited about inviting you join us.

What does this mean for you, and how does it work?

  • The musical set will be performed live from Dylan’s Studio (so he’ll be safe and isolated in his house).
  • You can join the show, from the safety of your home, by simply visiting the Vodacom Bulls Facebook page on Saturday at 17h15
  • Link up your cell phone or computer to your speakers, pour yourself a lekker beverage and start the braai fire. ????
  • You will be encourage to engage and interact with the artist by commenting on Facebook. He will take a few requests and engage back with fans while performing.
  • Feel free to engage with other users on the stream… chat about the music, rugby and share your predications of what the game would have been like… it’s a social event, enjoy it.

SA’s rugby heroes take on SA’s gamers in first Vodacom Super Cup Series

Vodacom Esports is about to take gaming to the next level as South Africa’s Vodacom Super Rugby stars swop their line drives for hard drives and take on the country’s top gamers in the new Vodacom Super Cup Series in partnership with Mettlestate.

Starting this April, the Vodacom Super Cup Series will feature three weeks of top gaming action, giving South Africa’s gaming community the opportunity to take on their Vodacom Super Rugby heroes in the games of FIFA20 and PUBG Mobile.

Each week will be its own Vodacom Super Cup Series with a champion crowned at the end of it. The first and last weeks will be a contest on FIFA20 and the middle week will be a battle on PUBG Mobile.

During each contest, the gaming community will battle it out amongst themselves to uncover an overall champion, and the Vodacom Super Rugby players will do the same. At the end of that week, the respective champions will take on each other in the final to be crowned that week’s Vodacom Super Cup Series champion.

Sam “Tech Girl” Wright will provide the world-class commentary to this exhilarating esports action as she interviews Vodacom Super Rugby players and gamers during the Vodacom Super Cup Series.

Each episode will be released on YouTube and the links will be shared on Vodacom and Mettlestate’s social media pages.

Registration for the first contest will open on Friday the week before, and the following two weeks will see registration take place on a Tuesday. The gamers’ qualifiers will take place on the Wednesday of each week, and the Vodacom

Super Rugby players will have their qualifier on the Thursday. Friday will feature the final between the respective group’s champions.


Vodacom Super Cup Series Dates:

Cup 1: 8-10 April (Registration opens 3 April)

Cup 2: 15-17 April (Registration opens 7 April)

Cup 3: 22-24 April (Registration opens 14 April)


Registrations will take place at

Players must register each week for the respective cup contests.


There is more than just gaming glory on the line. Each week will feature prizes for the first, second and third-place finishers as follows:

· 1st place: A Samsung S20, a Vodacom Super Rugby Marvel-inspired jersey, R200 airtime and 10GB data courtesy of Vodacom

· 2nd place: A Vodacom Super Rugby Marvel-inspired jersey, a Samsung wearable, R200 airtime and 10GB data courtesy of Vodacom

· 3rd place: A Vodacom Super Rugby Marvel-inspired jersey, R200 airtime and 10GB data courtesy of Vodacom


Follow the action using #SuperCupSerie

Minister Thoko Didiza announces interventions to assist agricultural sector during Coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown

The Minister of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development, Ms Thoko Didiza, MP is pleased to announce the department’s interventions to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19.

The department has ring-fenced R1.2 billion for assistance to mainly target financially distressed small-scale farmers. Of the R1.2 billion, R400 million has been allocated for farmers within the Proactive Land Acquisition Strategy (PLAS) programme and the remainder will be channelled towards all other farmers that are mainly within the following commodity sectors:

  • Poultry: Day old chicks, Point of lay chickens, feed, medication and sawdust;
  • Other Livestock: Feed and medication.
  • Vegetables: Seedlings, fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides and soil correction.
  • Other commodity sectors will be evaluated on a case by case basis, as the Department continuously monitors the impact of COVID-19 on the sector at large.

Qualifying criteria for farmers

  • South African citizens who have been actively farming for a minimum of 12 months and currently in the production season or cycle.
  • Be registered on farmer register, commodity database or provincial database [Those who are not on the Farmer Register will be registered to benefit].
  • Communal farmers.
  • Smallholder farmers with annual turnover between R50 000 and R1 million.
  • The adjudication will prioritise women, youth and people with disabilities.


Mechanisation, infrastructure and overhead costs will NOT be supported. This is not comprehensive support but intervention package amid COVID-19.

Farmers who are preparing for the 2020 summer production season will not be supported. The aim is to provide immediate to near-term support to smallholder farmers currently affected by COVID-19.

Farmers who are currently receiving support through other programmes of government and its entities.

No payment for debts.

The applications for this funding will be open from 08 April 2020 and will close on 22 April 2020. No late entries will be accepted. Application forms will be available on 08 April 2020 on the departmental website – and through national, provincial, district and local offices of both the national Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development and Provincial Departments of Agriculture. Applications will be lodged electronically at or submitted to the offices as outlined.

The Minister wishes to also encourage all stakeholders within the sector to observe and implement regulations as published by Government Notice No. 318 of 18 March 2020, as amended by Government Notices Nos. R 398 of 25 March 2020 and R419 of 26 March 2020. The observation and implementation of these prescripts on health and occupational safety is also critical for the farmworkers, who are the backbone of the food supply system.

“I urge all employers within the sector to fully comply with all the applicable prescripts. Together, as stakeholders within the sector we have a mandate to ensure that there is access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food for our country,” said Minister Didiza.

For media enquiries contact:
Media Liaison Officer
Reggie Ngcobo
Cell: 082 883 2458

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