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WATCH: The role of AFGRI Grain Management in supporting our grain farmers

For the grain farmer, dealing with seasonal production cycles requires advance planning for storage and timely access to markets when the price is right. Amal Ramkelawon of AFGRI Grain Management paid a visit to the African Farming studio, where he explained, amongst other things, how the company’s vast footprint contributes to the ease of access for farmers.

Watch the video here:

KYK: Operasionele bestuurder van AFGRI Equipment se Suidstreek, Abri Visser, gesels oor AFGRI se eksklusiewe reeks produkt

Operasionele bestuurder van AFGRI Equipment se Suidstreek, Abri Visser, gesels oor AFGRI se eksklusiewe reeks produkte, soos by NAMPO Kaap ten toon gestel. Dit sluit in die nuwe reeks AFGRI-spuite vir boord- en wingerdgebruik, ‘n nuwe Rovic-planter en voermenger, Silo King.

On African Farming this evening | Gene Likhanya on macadamia farming | The John Deere 5075E tractor

In the next episode of African Farming, we learn about the technicalities of producing macadamias with farmer and businessman Gene Likhanya We also hear from AFGRI about the John Deere 5075E tractor. Join us this afternoon, 26 September at 17:00 on Honey, DStv channel 173. Watch the episode promo here:

Lemang’s Praveen Dwarika on diversifying a farming business

In last week’s episode of African Farming, the MD of AFGRI’S Lemang Agricultural Services’ division, Praveen Dwarika, talked about how diversification is good for your business.

The seasonality of farming production means seasonal income and inevitable cashflow constraints. However, diversification offers income year-round. But how do you go about diversifying a business that already exists?

Dwarika says diversification is important if you want to farm successfully.

“Investment advisors always talk about a diverse investment portfolio. What that essentially means in a farming operation is making sure you have income streams coming from different types of productions.

“You may have crop production and within that perennial crops and short-term crops. You could also have livestock consisting of for example, small stock units or large stock units. All of this will provide an income at different times of the year.”

When a farmer develops his diversification plan, there is a criteria he should look at.

Dwarika emphasises that a farmer should constantly be planning.

“It’s always good to be thinking about a diversification strategy. Naturally you must wait for the right time to execute it.”

It should also be proactive. “Look out for the warning signs and understand what is happening in the market, and with environmental factors. Use that to determine when you want to execute your new strategy. Your finger needs to be on the pulse at all times.”

Farming well is all about timing.

“Your plan can be implemented at any time during the season, depending on exactly what it is that you want to do. However, the important bit is planning so that you have recourses available and are able to manage the plan accordingly.”

This is especially important if you want to implement a plan that is heavily reliant on financing.

“You don’t want to end up in a situation where you tie up the farm’s finances by suddenly switching to a diversification strategy.”

WATCH: What employment opportunities does AFGRI offer in the agricultural sector?

Many people have a specific passion for farming, but there are also many other opportunities for employment within the agricultural sector. AFGRI employs hundreds of people and here AFGRI’s Human Resources Information Systems Manager, Innocent Rademeyer, shared some insights around the topic with presenter Thabi Modutoane in the African Farming studio:

(3) Career opportunities offered at AFGRI – YouTube

On African Farming at 5pm this afternoon | Meet TUT lecturer and farmer, Dimphp Xaba

This week African Farming pays a visit to Dimpho Xaba, agronomist, lecturer, and farmer in Pretoria North who farms with wheat, maize, soya, potatoes and bees.
In studio, Thabi Modutoane has discussions around banking technology, and talks to Innocent Rademeyer from AFGRI on the diverse employment opportunities in agriculture.
Catch tonight’s episode at 17:00 on Honey, DStv channel 173.

NAMPO Kaap | Moenie dit misloop nie! AFGRI Equipment, standplaas 162

AFGRI Equipment se kenners staan gereed om jou te help met die beste relevante toerusting vir die nuwe seisoen wat voorlê! Kom bekyk die AFGRI-spuit van naderby vir jou boord of wingerdblok.

Kom kuier by NAMPO Kaap!

Kom gesels met ons oor ons unieke hanteringsfooistruktuur met geen innameheffing nie, en vind ook uit waar jou naaste AFGRI bunker en silo is.

NAMPO Kaap | Kom maak ‘n draai by ons uitstallings!

As die son skyn, of as dit reën, kom maak ‘n draai by ons uitstallings in die BKB-saal (standplaas 79/80) en buite by standplaas 162!
Ons vier steeds ‘n eeu van landbouvennootskappe saam met ons produsente, en kan nie wag om blad te skud nie!
Landbouvennootskappe vir 100 jaar!